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Most Anticipated Movies

Hey guys, sorry there hasn’t been a post in a few days, but there should be 2 this week. Today I’m gonna write about the movies I’m most looking forward to this year. This gonna be a short post, but hopefully a good one! So lets start with a movie I’ve been looking forward to

Introducing: Why Should I Care?

Hey guys I’m back and today we’re going to be doing somethingĀ a little different. Now this blog is all about the weird and wonderful world of pop culture: comic books, movies, video games, etc. But now and then there is an issue that is so popular that it deserves a conversation.. or not. So, when

Favourite Videogame Franchises – Part 2

Hey guys I’m back! And it’s time for “Part 2″ of my favourite videogame franchises. Again, this was a tough one to write, you’d be surprised how hard it is not to ramble on about something you really like! But I’ve got another 3 franchises here today, and if you haven’t read part one of