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Windows 10 announced

Microsoft has just announced their latest version of the Windows OS: Windows 10. Thankfully, Microsoft seems to have learned from their mistakes with the highly unpopular Windows 8 and combined the best features for both 7 & 8. Windows 10 looks a lot like Windows 7, the Start Menu is back and has been combined

iOS 8 Review

Apple released it’s 8th mobile operating system, iOS 8 on the 17th of September and I’ve had some time now to test this new installment of the popular OS on new and old devices. Although familiar, iOS 8 is a whole new beast, offering a more open approach similar to that of it’s competitor, Android,

Why I can’t stop playing Rogue Legacy

Hey there everyone, my name is Brian and I’m an addict. I’m not addicted to anything too serious… It’s a little indie game called Rogue Legacy. I first heard of Rogue Legacy a few months back from various podcasts and gaming news sites and straight away I was hooked without ever having played it. The

TLS Podcast Ep 5: A Desperate Cry for Sponsors

Hey welcome back to The Loaded Screen Podcast Episode 5! Join the TLS crew this week as they discuss: Their thoughts on Ben Affleck’s Batmobile for BvS Microsoft’s surprise acquisition of Minecraft. Microsoft also dropping Nokia and Windows naming scheme for their mobile platform Google’s new venture: Android One The record breaking sales of the

Most Anticipated Upcoming Games

Hey everyone! It’s that’s time of year again… the gaming season. Yes, every year we are subjected to a dozen high end video games from the top developers. Now this year is a very slack year with most developers choosing to release their games after Christmas to avoid the usual chaos that occurs. So with

Why Should I Care: 4k Resolution

Kev is back with another installment of “Why Should I Care?” Enjoy!   It’s time for a stroll down passive aggressive avenues with another instalment of ‘’Why should I Care’’. I can hear the clamor outside of the huddled masses waiting for a puff of white from the chimney, so I had better stop procrastinating

TSL Podcast Ep.4: I Like It Big

Welcome to The Loaded Screen Podcast Episode 4 where we discuss our thoughts on Apple’s September Event. Follow along as we discuss; The two new iPhones, what are our favourite features and how they compare to Android devices. Motorola’s new flagship phones. Are these the best Android phones to buy? Apple Watch, is Apple making

TLS Podcast Ep.3: But At The Same Time…Boobies

Hey everyone and welcome to The Loaded Screen Podcast Episode 3! In today’s episode the TLS crew discuss: The exciting tech news from the IFA conference in Berlin Their expectations for Apple’s upcoming Sep. 9th event The possible risks of Cloud Storage. aka. (The Fappening) The recently announced updates for the PS4 and PS Vita

TLS Podcast Ep.2: The Silent One Speaks

 Welcome back to the The Loaded Screen Podcast. Join us for Episode 2 as we discuss: The phenomenon that is the Ice Bucket Challenge Playstation hacked again should you be concerned? PT, Is horror gaming making a come back? Our most anticipated upcoming films Wearable technology is here! Should we be excited? Be sure to

The Walking Dead Season 2 Thoughts

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 is over and what a wild, depressing ride it was. Telltale managed to craft a wonderful story filled with action, death, heart wrenching moments and cruel choices. Which in my opinion makes them one of the most talented and exciting developers out there. So let’s dive into some spoiler