Why I can’t stop playing Rogue Legacy

Hey there everyone, my name is Brian and I’m an addict. I’m not addicted to anything too serious… It’s a little indie game called Rogue Legacy. I first heard of Rogue Legacy a few months back from various podcasts and gaming news sites and straight away I was hooked without ever having played it. The core concept was enough for me to want it. You play as a noble knight on a quest to find a cure for his ailing King though first he must brave the Castle which is home to all kinds of malevolent creatures and traps.

However Rogue Legacy has a unique selling point, you play as a single family. Each character you play as is the child of the previous character you just played as. So when your first brave knight meets his end (which will be very, very quickly), you start the journey all over again as one of his children. You will be given the choice of three descendants, each with his or her own class and character traits. You can choose between a Knight, a Mage, a Barbarian, etc. And there are numerous more classes that become available as you progress. Having a wide variety of classes means you can tailor the game to how you want to play. A Knight comes with a shield so he/she is more defense while the Mage is physically weak and doesn’t have a great deal of HP but they have superior magic attacks.

Rogue Legacy_20140927122300

Prepare to die!


Yet the charm of Rogue Legacy lies it the character traits. Every character has their unique traits. These can be humorous traits like Irritable Bowel Syndrome so when you jump your character will fart or they might not be able to see objects in 3D. Your character could be Near Sighted, Far Sighted… in fact, there are countless traits for me to list here. To add to the replay ability the four playable areas: Castle, Forest, Tower and Dungeon are procedurally generated which means that no two rooms are ever the same. This makes it difficult to plan your quest which adds to the overall challenge of the game.

And this brings me to my first point. There is so much variety in Rogue Legacy that every time you start the quest it almost feels like a new experience

Rogue Legacy_20140927122358

Die….a lot!


Now the question you’re probably asking is: Why is Rogue Legacy addictive? Well, firstly, the game is ridiculously difficult. Enemies are far more powerful that you and the game doesn’t hold your hand, you are simply thrown in with little to no tutorial. Now the main goal of your quest is to gather enough gold to upgrade your own Manor or your armor. Imagine you die with 1000 gold coins at the end of one of your several attempts, well, then you have 1000 gold coins to upgrade your Manor, which can give you more HP or MP or greater attack or even unlock new classes to play as. You can also upgrade your armor and magic runes to give yourself a boost in combat. Although bear in mind the more you upgrade the more coins you’ll have to come back with after each playthrough

Rogue Legacy_20140927122243

Especially here!

And this is why Rogue Legacy is addictive the consent need to do better each time you attempt the Castle or the other maps. I find myself spending hours just to get enough coin to buy a certain upgrade only to find that that sword I unlocked in the last playthrough is magnificent… and the cycle repeats over and over. Oh to make things worse, Charon aka Death is standing at the door to the castle and that he takes all your gold from you everytime you enter the castle. So you begin each playthrough with no money.

Rogue Legacy is a fantastic little indie game. You can get it on PS4 PS3 PSVita for €13. And once you buy it for one of those devices you get it on all three. There is also Cross-Save so you save game will transfer across all three instantly. And if you don’t have any if those devices its also available on Steam for €15.  Just don’t get it if you don’t want to lose your friends, job, and any social skills you have. Because once you set foot in that god forsaken castle, its all over man!

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