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Google unveils Android 6.0 Marshmallow

In what has become a yearly tradition Google have just announced the name of next installment in their Android OS through the unveiling of a statue and it is…. Marshmallow! And to add to the big news Google have also released the 3rd and probably final developer build of Marshmallow to the public so developers

Google I/O 2015 Keynote Recap

Google I/O is here! The Google I/O 2015 Keynote is over and there is a lot to talk about. There was a bevy of new projects announced so instead of boring you all with everything little I’m going to talk about the things that caught my eye. Let’s start with:

Apple Event Recap – March 2015

Apple’s keynote at the Yerba Buena Centre, California just wrapped up. Tim and Co. only announced one new product but did provide us with updates to existing product lines and answers to the questions about their upcoming product, the Apple Watch. Pricing and release dates for Ireland are yet to be announced. Here is a

Snapchat Discover Update

Snapchat always seemed like a strange social platform to me that had very little future capabilities considering it’s primary function was to send photos that self destructed, so to speak, after a chosen period of time. However, the app proves useful for those wanting to take quick snaps without affecting their photo library storage. Then

Sony and Spotify team up for PlayStation Music

Well, well this was a bit of a surprise! Today, Sony and Spotify have teamed up to bring Spotify to the PS3 & PS4 in the form of PlayStation Music. Due for release this Spring the service will allow gamers to use Spotify and create their own soundtrack for their gaming sessions, simply sign in

TLS Podcast Ep.15: Aren’t Microsoft Sound?

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to The Loaded Screen Podcast. Yes its the time of the week again when 3 geeks ramble on about tech and videogames. So join Brian Adam and Kevin as they run through the weeks events Be sure to follow us on Twitter: Brian Roberts: @8BitBrian Adam McGuire: @McguireAdam You

Google announces everything!

Google has officially unveiled their newest Nexus line up and their newest version of Android today. NEXUS 6 In the phone department, we have the Nexus 6: a 5.9 inch phablet. The full specifications are pretty much what we expected: 92 inch QHD display @ 1440 x 2560 pixels Quad Core Snapdragon 805 processor 13

Windows 10 announced

Microsoft has just announced their latest version of the Windows OS: Windows 10. Thankfully, Microsoft seems to have learned from their mistakes with the highly unpopular Windows 8 and combined the best features for both 7 & 8. Windows 10 looks a lot like Windows 7, the Start Menu is back and has been combined

iOS 8 Review

Apple released it’s 8th mobile operating system, iOS 8 on the 17th of September and I’ve had some time now to test this new installment of the popular OS on new and old devices. Although familiar, iOS 8 is a whole new beast, offering a more open approach similar to that of it’s competitor, Android,

Why Should I Care: 4k Resolution

Kev is back with another installment of “Why Should I Care?” Enjoy!   It’s time for a stroll down passive aggressive avenues with another instalment of ‘’Why should I Care’’. I can hear the clamor outside of the huddled masses waiting for a puff of white from the chimney, so I had better stop procrastinating