TLS Podcast Ep.28: E3 2015 Recap Part 2

Welcome everyone to a very special TLS podcast. This week we were treated to some of the biggest news in the video game industry. It is E3 2015! And we’ve decided that there was simply too much to talk about in one hour long episode. So we have decided to split it into two massive podcasts. In Part 2 we chat about:

Part 2 – E3 2015 Recap


  • The Last Guardian was finally shown!
  • Horizon – Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games’ new IP.
  • No Man’s Sky had a new demo. Our Thoughts.
  • Just what is “Dreams”.
  • An impressive new indie title: Firewatch.
  • Arkham Knight – Out thoughts on the Scarecrow missions.
  • What did we think of Star Wars Battlefront?
  • Uncharted 4’s epic new demo.
  • And finally we chat about the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Side note: The TLS Podcast is now explicit so expect a lot of swearing and vulgarity! You have been warned!

So with further ado here is the Part 2 of our E3 2015 recap:

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